Selling to Survive and Buying to Replace

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The Ups and Downs of the Oilfield Industry


Abilene, TX, December 19, 2016 – Industry leaders from the oilfields in the state Texas are finishing the year on a high note as rig counts continue to climb into the new year, creating a once again an active marketplace. One such marketplace will be the Heavy Machinery auction in Abilene on Tuesday at 10 AM. Oilfield support equipment including big trucks, trailers, construction machinery and more from all over the state will be offered for sale at public auction, with some companies “selling to survive”, while others will be “buying to replace”.

“Our company works alongside these oilfield companies intimately, and we are all happy to see the market start to recover for all of us. This auction will host lots of “Mom and Pop” companies as well as some major corporations for the transfer of high-quality big trucks, trailers, and construction machinery as the oilfield is starting to get back to work. This Auction will be an invaluable look at the state of the oilfield industry today.” -Terry Dickerson, Auctioneer

We invite you to engage in a Q&A session with Terry Dickerson, whom is one of the founders and lead auctioneers of Machinery Auctioneers. His perspective will provide insight into the current market of the oilfield industry in the state of Texas as well as the overall forecast for the upcoming year. The event location is 249B North Access Rd. I-20, Tye, TX 79563, and interviews can be scheduled today by calling Terry Dickerson at 210-363-4349.

Machinery Auctioneers is locally owned Auction Service Company specializing in Big Trucks, Trailers, Construction Machinery that support the oilfield industry. Since we’ve been in business, we have had over 100 auctions, selling over $90,000,000 worth of equipment.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Terry Dickerson at 210-363-4349 or email at