2019 Started off with a bang. Machinery Auctioneers hosted 2 auction events in the month of January. When combining onsite and online buyers we surpassed the auction results we have predicted. The total sales for that month were over $10 million with online sales of $3.9 million. This is a great start for 2019 in these expanding industries compared to January’s 2018 auction results. Machinery Auctioneers is up 48% from last years January revenue.

January auctions consisted of:

  • Over 2,000 lots
  • 113,414 catalog views
  • 26,536 pre-bids
  • 1,300 plus registered buyers

These stats have dramatically increased since the start of 2018. In order to generate these results our marketing team as utilized procedures to market nationwide as well as to all target specific geographic areas within our demographic. The outreach media channels we have used range from traditional marketing to the newest technologies within the digital age. Included in these channels are television commercials directed to specific markets, print advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, remarketing, social media marketing, and customer relationship management. Marketing efforts pay off when you find consumers in a niche market nationwide. Machinery Auctioneers efficiency has increased 100 fold when using these tools in a conglomerate.

Companies across industry sectors are taking advantage by converting their idle assets into cash, while buyers are filling their truck and equipment needs with high-quality pieces. Machinery Auctioneers has seen a noticeable increase in interest from oil and gas companies seeking to auction equipment, as new tech emerges we consign late model equipment to help drive the smaller companies to expand their fleets and equipment. These Industries are on the rise and we will be there to fulfill the needs of our consumer base.


Not only do we host heavy equipment auctions and semi trucks auctions we also host oilfield auctions in key areas of Texas and the surrounding states. Strategically picking the auction locations gives us the ability to hit our target audience in the most desired areas of the chosen industry. We market nationwide in conjunction with local areas to cover all aspect of the auction market. Our partners at Proxibid provide us with the live online bidding platform portion of the auction. This way our clients can bid online from the comfort of their home, office, or truck.

We specialize in known brands of semi trucks, heavy equipment, construction machinery, oilfield equipment, work trucks and other auction lots. We have liquidated companies with proven auction results. Giving our customers highly rated satisfaction. We strive to keep memorable connections in the auction world and continue to keep our reputation standards above the rest.

Equipment highlights of the heavy equipment auctions, semi trucks auctions, and oilfield auctions include 200+ semi trucks, trailers, heavy haul trailer, 50+ vacuum trailers, excavators, dozers, compactors, loaders, backhoes, skid steers, articulated dump trucks, sky lifts, generators, workover rigs, hot oilers, blow out preventers, mud mixing units, gas busters, frac tanks, swabbing rigs, pole trucks, mud vacuum systems, boilers, transfer pumps, 100+ pickup trucks, and more.

We would like to thank all our consignors and buyers for continuing to put their trust in Machinery Auctioneers. Please click here to view our upcoming auctions.