Winding up business? Machinery Auctioneers has years of experience and expertise in total company liquidation. Ready to sell some or all of your truck fleet and equipment? We can sell any or all of it by organizing our auction in a way that is sure to draw the best results possible. Our auctions help the business liquidation process go considerably smoother. We specialize in total company liquidation, including construction companies, oilfield service companies, dealerships, metal shops, and truck fleets.

What Does Liquidation Mean?

Businesses can liquidate their assets for any number of reasons, but the main two reasons are the company is failing, restructuring or investors want to leave the business.

Liquidations are far more common in bankruptcies and situations where the business is closing. Possibly because the business can’t support itself with revenues to make it through the hardship. In a bankruptcy, the court generally takes control of the assets in order to sell them at auction to pay off the outstanding liabilities.

Liquidation does not always have to be company wide and under bankruptcy. However, many businesses decide to close departments or merge with other companies. The unneeded departments and divisions are often closed with their assets sold or added to other divisions.

Let us help.


Join the thousands of folks who have sold their machinery through Machinery Auctioneers. We know you’re busy, and that you need the selling process to be easy. We offer multiple hassle-free ways of selling through Machinery Auctioneers. You’re busy enough as it is That’s why Machinery Auctioneers will pick it up and clean it up. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork, titles and tags so that all you have to do is lean back and let the money come to you. Leave the hassle to us. It’s no problem.


We’ll put your machinery in front of an eager crowd of serious buyers. Machinery Auctioneers sells millions of dollars worth of consigned items every year to buyers at our auctions, onsite and online. We make it easy to consign, from one piece to an entire fleet. Most importantly, we aren’t going to lump your consignment into a large group of similar items. Your machinery will get the visibility and priority you deserve at our auctions.


At Machinery Auctioneers, we put the pen to the paper, and give you a real number. Most auction companies will not make you a written guarantee. We believe a sale can only be to your benefit if there is a real working knowledge of what an item is worth. So we’ll give you a written guarantee before the auction so you’ll know the minimum amount of your consignment. We firmly believe that this is simply the right way to do business.


Need cash today? Machinery Auctioneers is active in the outright buying and selling of all kinds of trucks and machinery. We’ll take a look at what you have and make you a cash offer on the spot. We don’t care if it’s bent, burnt, broken in half or brand new. We’ll take it, as is, and get a full payment to you the same day. Some people feel that the only true guarantee is money in hand. That’s no problem for us. Let’s make a deal. Have something to sell? Let us know…

We’ll pick it up, clean it up, and take care of all the paperwork so that you can relax.

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